Farming Practice  

East African Growers practices an all inclusive Integrated Farming Practice which incorporates eco friendly agricultural practices.In addition to ensuring improved soil fertility for sustained farming we also have long term sustainable plans in place for Environmental Conservation.

As part of our sustainable farming practices we also as carry out intensive research and development in organic methods of Pest management by the rearing and introduction of beneficiaries and maintaining a worm hatchery for soil enhancer, in addition to the use of Bio Pesticide plant extracts.

There are also wide-ranging efforts to increase efficiency and improve quality standards including trial of new machinery to increase throughput and reduce cost and emphasis on improved appearance eating quality and extended shelf life.

We have a fixed planting program with intervals for crop rotation (to allow adequate time for soil revival) and differing rainfall regimes.

Kenya two rain patterns - long and short driven by the Inter tropical convergence zone. Long rains from March to May and Short rains from October to December.