Our Farms  

East African Growers farms have been either nurtured from natural habitat or have been acquired during the last four decades within the prime Agricultural and Horticultural growing areas of Kenya.

The diverse location of our farms takes advantage of Kenya's varying altitude and resulting microclimates to ensure crop security and variety
The farms are centrally managed by East African Growers through an integrated food safety and quality management system that complies with the food industry's international standards.

The following is a very brief description of some of the activities undertaken by East African Growers Farms and which demonstrate its high standards of ethical, social, and environmental responsibility whether through normal business practice or innovative initiatives.

Predators' propagation unit:

Personal hygiene:
In spite of the unique nature of the farms with a diversified operation and substantial work force, East African Growers has managed to employ massive provisions to establish the necessary infra structure on site. Toilets, hand washing facilities, and in some cases, showers, are available within 500m from any working location on the farms. Laundries are also available to ensure the cleanliness level of the dress code.

Here are the various farms with their output and production details

Shalimar Farm
280 kilometres to the west of Nairobi, on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.
Shalimar Farm runs its own reverse osmosis plant
170 ha Vegetables
110ha Roses
20ha Infrastructure / Growth/ wetlands
30ha Products Runner Beans Baby Leeks Fine Beans Broccoli Planting Program Baby Courgettes

Woodland Farm
170 kilometres to the north of Nairobi, in the Mount Kenya Region. The lower slopes of the mountain have a huge potential for cultivation as the soils are moist and very fertile. The slopes below 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) are intensively farmed, producing vegetables and other cash crops.
30 ha Vegetables
27ha Infrastructure / Growth/ wetlands
3 ha Products Broccoli Baby Leeks Baby Carrots Courgettes

Jessy Nikki Farm
80 Kilometers from Woodland farm with a similar soil and climate profile,

99 ha Vegetables
85 ha Infrastructure / Growth/ wetlands
12 ha Products Runner Beans Baby Corn Fine Beans Sugar snaps Courgettes
Broccoli Planting Program

Daisa Farm
240 kilometeres to the north of Nairobi, in the Mount Kenya Region This is a higher altitude area around the 2200- 2300 m contour line mark.
40 ha Vegetables
36 ha Infrastucture / Growth/ wetlands
12 ha Products Snow Peas
Sugar snaps

Rift Valley Vegetables Farm
230 kilometres to the west of Nairobi, on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.
700 ha Vegetables
690 ha Infrastucture / Growth/ wetlands
10 ha Products Fine Beans Baby Corn Garden Peas